Thursday, November 05, 2009

I'm ready to get started couponing - Lesson 2

Lesson #2
(if you haven't read lesson #1, you can go here first)

You're probably wondering how do I get a year supply of toothpaste for FREE. Well, it's pretty simple... COUPONS! The common question is where do I get them. The best and least expensive place to get your coupons is with MULTIPLE
newspaper subscription (Sunday & weekends only). For example the Sunday Denver Post is $2.00 each on the news stands, but when you subscribe with the link above it's only $0.63 per week. I currently get four papers per week, unless there are some smokin' coupons and then I might get an additional paper or two. Yes, you read that right I get a minimum of four papers per week. The reason being is when an item is at rock bottom or free it's hard to stock up on it, if I only have one coupon. For example this week at King Soopers they are having a promotion in which you can get Land O Lake butter, Bumble Bee Tuna, Playtex gloves, Carnation evaporated milk, Halls cough drops, Rolaids, and others when you use your coupons. If, I only had one paper I would only be able to get one of each item for free. Instead I was able to get five!

Another great way is to ask your neighbors, friends and family if you can have their unused coupon inserts. You can also get tons of free printable coupons at, Red Plum, SmartSource, Target (remember you can use Target coupons w/ manufacturer coupons for the same item), Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Box Tops for Education, Coupon Bug, Eat Better America,


Dawn said...

Ok you have convinced me to jump in and start using coupons. I usually buy 1 paper a week, but starting on Sunday I will be buying more. Thanks for this post it really helped me understand how to get this coupon thing going.

Melody said...

I just started super couponing a couple of weeks ago and today thanks to your blog I got 5 packs of Duracell batties for $0.88 each and Pillsbury brownies for $0.50 a box... I can't believe not everyone is doing this.

Thank you so much for all you do... we all appreciate it!!!