Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When to stock up on items! How much should you pay for toothpaste?

I have received a few questions lately about what prices do I stock up on. So here's a few of the prices I look for when I "stock up" (buying multiple items for future uses). I normally buy enough to last to the next coupon cycle (3 - 4 months). New to couponing start here and learn the lingo here! If, you have any questions please emai me at pennypincher77@live.com

Milk: $1.75 or less (you can freeze milk)
Egg Substitute: $0.75 or less
Cheese: $1.98 per lb.
Butter 1 lb: $0.99 or less
Chocolate Chips: $0.99 or less
Ground Beef: $1.75 per lb.
Chicken Breast: $1.67 or less
Chicken Quarters, Legs, Thighs (with skin): $0.65 per lb or less
Yogurt: $0.25 each or less per cup
Soda 12 packs: $1.99 or less
Soda (name brand) 2 liter: $0.50 or less
Kraft Mac & Cheese: $0.40 or less per box
Juice 64 oz: $0.85 or less
Tortillas: $0.30 or less per package
Bisquick $0.90 or less
Oatmeal: $0.75 or less
Granola Bars: $0.50 or less
Fruit Snacks: $0.50 or less
Betty Crocker Warm Delights: FREE
Brownie/Cake/Cookie Mixes: $0.50 or less
Cereal: $0.75 or less per box
Ketchup: $0.25 or less
Mustard: FREE
Salad Dressing: FREE
Seasonings (pepper, garlic salt, onion salt, etc.): FREE
Popcorn Singles 3 count: $0.50 per box
Frozen Veggies: $0.25 each or less
Spaghetti Sauce: $0.50 each or less
Pasta Noddles: $0.25 or less per package

Razors: FREE
Tooth Paste: FREE
Tooth Brushes: FREE
Dish Soap: $0.35 or less
Hand Soap: FREE
Band aids: $0.50 per box
Sandwich Bags: $0.50 or less per box
Kotex Pads: FREE
Cheap Body Washes: $0.50 or less
Dove/Olay Body Washes: $1.00 or less
Secret or Dove Deodorant: $0.50 each
Ban or Suave Deodorant: FREE
Cheap Toilet Paper: FREE
Quality Toilet Paper
(I'm picky when it comes to TP... blue Charmin ONLY ha) $5.00 per 9 double roll
Lysol Wipes: $0.50 or less
Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaners: $0.50 or less

What are some other things that you stock up on?


Frugal Burb Chick said...

I LOVE popcorn! PLEASE let me know when there is a good sale on that. Also, I use a lot of beans(black beans, pinto beans, refried beans) and canned tomatoes. (diced tomatoes, whole tomatoes) Do you drink your frozen milk? When are gonna get together? I'd love to chat!

Andrea said...

Ok I will for sure on the popcorn. About a month or so ago I stocked up ($.50 per box)! So we have PLENTY, maybe too much lol! Black beans, pinto beans & tomatoes do go on sale w/ coupon match ups a few times per year, but refried beans I don't see too often :( but I will keep my eyes open!

As far as the milk goes YES we do drink frozen milk. Sounds strange I know, but it taste the exact same the only thing I dislike about freezing milk is the jug expands and until it thaws out it doesn't sit good in the fridge :)

What are you doing this weekend? Maybe we can meet on the north side of the springs (that's about an hour drive for me and probably close to that for you)? Let me know :D

Laurine said...

I just started couponing and it seems like in order to really stock up on anything you really need a lot of coupons. How many papers do you buy and what size is your family?

Tiffany said...

I just started couponing too. Last week I paid $1 per box for Froot Loops. Do you think that's expensive or not? The boxes were not the great big box, but not small one either.

Andrea said...

Laurine I buy 4-5 papers per week for my family of 4 (dh, 15 year old boy, 1 year old daughter & myself). You can always ask your neighbors too or friends/family members for their coupons! I really feel strong about at least 4 papers, but other couponers only buy one or two and order coupons on the hot items... it's really what works for you!!!

Tiffany $1 for a box of cereal is GREAT it's a lot better then $3 per box right? I still buy cereal at times for $1 ($1.50 for Captin Crunch), but I stock pile at $0.75 or less. Meaning I grab every coupon I can get my hands on :) but a $1 for a box of cereal is a good deal!

Frugal Burb Chick said...

Andrea, I wish I could get together this weekend, but we will be busy. We are having a church work party. Soon though!!

Tiffany, I just paid $1.25 for Fruit Loops, in fact I bought 6 of them, but I did it b/c they had a promotion on them. (kelloggs bonus bucks, so when I get the $20 in the mail I'll have made money)

I think $1 for a box is awesome too!