Monday, November 02, 2009

How do I get started couponing?

Lesson #1

I'm often asked how to get started couponing. My answer is the same every time. Change the way you shop! Get rid of everything you know about grocery shopping. I remember when I thought I had to shop at Walmart because their prices were the cheapest... well at least I thought they were. Until you change the way you think you will be forced to pay retail.

Two years ago I was spending $125 (at least) per week. Two years later our household budget is $50 per week and we have a 1 year old daughter in diapers and a 15 year old growing boy (and our pantry overflows)! I'm telling you this to encourage you to start couponing and start saving!!! Maybe you want to buy a new car, but can't fit it in your budget, think again you can! By saving even $60 a week you will save over $3000 a year! Before you know your average grocery bill savings will be in the 50-90% range!

Because the truth of it is, the more you have, the more you can give!!!
I believe we all desire to make a difference in lives of others!

I will start by preparing you that you will go to the store a lot. I say this in a joking mater, but it's the truth. For example this week at Albertson's you can get General Mills products for FREE (granola bars, nut clusters and even some cereal). So I'm going to use the coupons I already have and then depending on my "stock pile" I will purchase more coupons or just use the coupons I have.

Before you will know it, you will have a year supply of toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, fruit snacks & granola bars (among other things) in your stock pile! If, there is any secret to couponing it is "buying when an item is on sale BEFORE you need, so when you do need it you don't have to pay full price"!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome I have a family of four too. This is very encouraging I cant to learn more.

Nancy M.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to learn more (this got me so excited I couldn't spit it all out at once).

<3 Nancy

Priscila said...

Love this because its something I think about a lot!!!

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