Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Introducing a new coupon site: Couponfield, it's different then other coupon sites!

Have you heard about the new coupon site Couponfield?  If, not it's a lot different because...

a) it’s not for online shopping, it’s for local “brick and mortar” stores and service providers. The idea is to make it easier to support small, local businesses.
b) It’s free-- truly free -- for all businesses. So far, they have coupons from over 1,000 businesses nationwide, and because it’s free, many coupons are from businesses that have never offered coupons before.
c) I just think the owner (Rebecca) is a doll too.  Not to mention, we have both have toddlers the same age (I just had to throw that in).

Go HERE to check it out for yourself!

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