Saturday, September 05, 2009

Back-2-School Weekly Deals Office Depot Highlights

First things first! Office Depot has a reward program (Worklife Rewards) and its a FREE program that gives you 1% - 10% back to you on all your purchases. You earn 10% on toner, ink, paper and design and all your printing & shipping needs and 1% on everything else.

(might as well start earning rewards with your school supplies and when you sign up they give you a $15 coupon on your next order of $50 or more)

Sept 6th - 12th
Office Depot has came to a end on all their school supplies savings.
All school supplies including backpacks are up to 50% off!

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Kmart- Saving in Akron
Are you ready for back-2-school?


sokhavy said...

does the 20% coupon for Foot Locker print right after the receipt?

Andrea said...

The cashier needs to give the coupon :)(thanks for your comment)

Grace said...

Hey Andrea! Just thought I'd let you know about our back to school center! Shoppers can find items specifically for high schoolers, elementary school kids, etc. Best of all you can save $5 off your order of $20 or more! And get free Shipping on anything over $45.

I also wanted to let you know about our back to school contest! The Head of the Class contest. We're asking people to send in great school pictures of themselves or their kids and we'll send you a big box full of school supplies if you win! Please feel free to contact me from that page with any questions. Thanks!

Andrea said...

Grace thanks for tip I will be for sure checking into this!!!

Wendy said...

This is awesome. I'm doing my weekly shopping tomorrow so I'll check this out. I am impressed at your $200/mo budget. I've managed to get mine down to about $400 for our family of 4 and I hope to get better at it. I'm okay at finding bargains but not GREAT at it. You're inspiring! :)

Andrea said...

Thanks Wendy I loved comment :) I have to say feeding 4 on $50 is actually pretty easy! I have a basement full of food. My 10 year old nephew tells everyone I have a store down stairs lol It's fun to coupon and learn how shop!

Janet said...

I was in Office Depot today. They had clear-vue (maybe their brand) binders on sale, 1/2 inch, in packages of 2 for $1.00, They were out of packages of 2, 1 inch binders that were $2.00. They are discontinuing that item, so others should find them also.

Andrea said...

Janet thanks for the tip! That's a GREAT buy if anyone needs 1/2" binders this is rock bottom prices... STOCK UP!!!

Kinsey said...

Office Depot Worklife Rewards Program is really a finest way to save money on shopping. I signed up last month.