Monday, March 15, 2010

MAKING MONEY MONDAY: 10 Steps to preparing a successful yard sale!

Most of us have played with the idea of a yard sale a time or two.  Well, it's a great way to earn some extra money, do some spring cleaning, make room for new stuff or even teach your kids about work!  I'm not going to sugar coat this, putting on a successful yard sale takes HARD work!!!  One thing I do recommend doing BEFORE you spend too much time on it preparing check with your local government or neighborhood to make sure there is no restrictions regarding yard sales.

Now is the perfect time to prepare for a yard sale, it generally takes (me) about 2 months to leisurely put together everything I want to sell in my next yard sale.


1) Start accumulating your items, go through each room and remove the items you are wanting to sell.  Including Boxes!!!
2) Group your items together by theme such as kitchen, tools, camping, kids, etc.
3)  Set a date - usually around the 1st of the month is best and advertise in your local paper (this is almost a must unless you live by a ton traffic).
4)  Prepare your individual items for sale, make sure your items are CLEAN!!!
5)  Price everything 1/4 - 1/3 of what the item would be new, this just a general rule of thumb.  Of course this rule doesn't apply to everything especially clothes & books.  You will be lucky to sell them with the expection of kids cloths.
6)  Create a "junk box" because you will find items that are border line of throwing away when you are going room to room or have missing/broken pieces.  Make a sign the reads FREE "broken, but good for parts"
7)  Build props with old boxes/tables that you can cover with a table cloth or sheets to display your items.  The better your display looks the more appealing your item(s) will look.
8) If, you're selling clothes look through EVERY pocket.  One time I purchased a pair a jeans for $2 and found $5 in the pocket :-)
9)  Get change ($) make sure you get at least a couple hundred dollars in small cash to be used as change.  I recommend $50 in just 1's alone and don't forget to get change too (quarters, dimes and nickles).
10) Give yourself plenty of time to set up and put out signs.  Get up EARLY and be prepared for the early birds (even if you advertise no early birds...they still arrive).

Tip:  DON'T plan your yard sale on a holiday weekend!
Tip:  DON'T allow your 5 year old make your advertising signs (give them another job). 

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