Monday, March 01, 2010

FREE Post Honey Bunches of Oats

Look for blinkies like the one above on the doors by the milk at Safeway.  It reads save $2.00 when you buy Honey Bunches of Oats and one gallon of milk.  On the front cover of yesterday's newspaper Safeway had a ad for Post Honey Bunches of Oats for $2.00 per box.  So wyb milk you will get a free box of cereal... woohoo! 


Coupon Clippin' Daddy said...

Nice FREEBIE! I wish we had a Safeway in Upstate NY.

Maylin said...

Yup did this a couple times today, then donated the HBO to my kids school for snack. Plus they pay you for buying their cereal, with a $4.00 Catalina when you buy 6. They are ringing up WITHOUT the milk too. 100% FREE!! Stocking up on Catalina for the frozen food sale. Also if you buy the Bounty and Charmin for $9.99 a piece and get the -$6.00 coupons at pgesaver your paying $13.00 and some change and getting a $10.00 Cat. back :) AHHH I love a good deal!!!

Anonymous said...

So is the Paper Towels $9.99 each so that would be $30.00, then minus $3.00 coupon and $6.00 savings. That is $21.00 correct? Am I missing a coupon?

Maylin said...

Sorry let me try to explain this better. If you buy two or more paper towels, or Charmin as per Sunday insert then they will ring in at $9.99 ea. you can use the $0.25 coupon from a couple weeks p&g insert, but also if you loaded the e-coupons from p& then they have the high value $3.00 off Charmin and $3.00 off Bounty. That's a total of $6.00 off $7.00 off if you use the paper coupons also. One thing I did notice is make sure they hit total before you enter your Safeway club card, so you can make sure you get the $10.00 Catalina at the end. It is like paying $1.50 a piece or so. Now that is a deal!!

Maylin said...

Buy (1) Bounty 15 Double Roll Pack $12.99
Buy (1) Charmin 24 Double Roll Pack $12.99
-$6 instant sale deduction for buying both the Bounty and Charmin
-$3 Bounty P&G eSaver Coupon
-$3 Charmin P&G eSaver Coupon
-.25 Bounty MQ (2/7 PG)
-.25 Charmin MQ (2/7 PG)
You will then get a $10 Catalina Back for spending over $25 on participating P&G Products (total is before $6 sale)
=$2.98 for both the Charmin and Bounty!!!

(as per

MamaOnABudget said...

And as a reminder, Honey Bunches of Oats are an eligible cereal on WIC. I saw this coupon a couple weeks ago when I was getting milk with HBoO in our cart on our WIC check.

I checked with the Safeway cashier, and you CAN use coupons when you use WIC... so you're saving the program $2 that can be used to provide food for other nutritionally at-risk families!