Friday, February 26, 2010

STOCKPILE PRICES: Groceries, Household Items, Personal Items & more...

Below you will find the prices I aim for when I'm out shopping, aka my stockpile price... Stockpiling is buying multiple items for future uses while the price is at least 75% off of retail, so you never have to buy the item at full price. I normally buy enough to last to the next coupon cycle (3 - 4 months). New to couponing start here and learn the lingo here! If, you have any questions please email me at

*you can freeze the item


Milk: $1.75* (really depends on the market)
Egg Substitute: $0.75*
Eggs: $1.00 (18 ct)
Cheese: $1.98 per lb*
Butter 1 lb: $0.99 *
I Can't Believe it's not butter:  $0.25 *
Yogurt: $0.25 each or less per cup
Sour Cream 16 oz $1.00
Ice Cream (Dryers, Blue Bunny?) $1.75 each
Velveeta 2 lb $2.50 each

Ground Beef 73%-80%: $1.59/lb.
Ground Beef:  85%-98%: $1.75/lb.
Chicken Breast: $1.67/lb.
Chicken Quarters, Legs, Thighs (with skin): $0.65/lb
Assorted Pork Loin Chops
Ribeye Bone-in Ribeye:  $4.49/lb.
Ribeye w/o bone: $4.99/lb.
New York Strip:  $4.75/lb
Honeysuckle White 93% Lean Ground Turkey $1.25/lb
Atlantic Salmon Fillets (Farm raised) $3.99/lb
Fresh Raw Shrimp (xl) $3.49/lb.
Lobster Tails 3 oz $2.50 each
Veggies Burgers (Morning Star or Boca) $2.00 per box
Frozen Fish (box 10 piece) $1.99


Artichokes $1.00 each
Avocados $0.33 each
Cantaloupe $0.33/lb
Carrots peeled $1.00/lb
Cucumbers $0.50 each
Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers $0.75 each
Green Bell Peppers $0.33 each
Egg Plant:  $0.88 each
Lettuce per head:  $0.99 each
Oranges:  $0.45/lb
Potatoes:  $1.00/5 lbs
Clementine Tangerines $0.67/lb.

Kraft Mac and Cheese: $0.40 per box
Kraft Mac and Cheese Singles:  $0.35 each
Tortillas: $0.30 per package*
Chocolate Chips: $0.99*
Peanut Butter:  $0.50 each
Rice Sides:  $0.40 per box
Pasta Sides:  $0.40 per box
Bisquick $0.90
Oatmeal: $0.75
Cereal: $0.75 per box
Ketchup: $0.25
Mustard: $0.50 (a couple of years ago this was a free item)
Salad Dressing: FREE
Mayo or Miracle Whip: $1.25 each
Seasonings (pepper, garlic salt, onion salt, etc.): FREE
Frozen Veggies: $0.25 each
Spaghetti Sauce: $0.50 each
Pasta Noddles: $0.25 per package
Rotel Tomatoes $0.49 each
Hunts / Del Monte Tomatoes $0.49 each
Tuna (cans or small packs) $0.50 each
Saltine Crackers:  $0.75 each
Canned Chili: $0.35 each
Canned Soap (chicken noddle or tomato) $0.25 each
Canned Soap (excluding chicken noddle or tomato) $0.50 each
Sara Lee Bread $0.99 each

Soda 12 packs: $1.99
Soda (name brand) 2 liter: $0.50
Juice 64 oz: $0.85
Gatorade, Propel, Sobe $0.49 each

Granola Bars: $0.50
Fruit Snacks: $0.50
Betty Crocker Warm Delights: FREE
Brownie/Cake/Cookie Mixes: $0.50
Popcorn Singles 3 count: $0.50 per box
Frosting Tubs:  $0.50
Quaker Rice Cakes:  FREE
Chex Mix 4.2 oz:  $0.25 each
Nabisco Snack Crackers:  $0.99 each
Lays Potato Chips $1.65 each

Razors: FREE
Tooth Paste: FREE
Tooth Brushes: FREE
Hand Soap: FREE
Dental Floss:  FREE
Kotex Pads: FREE
Carefree Liners:  $0.50 each
Cheap Body Washes: $0.50
Dove/Olay Body Washes: $1.00
Secret or Dove Deodorant: $0.50 each
Ban or Suave Deodorant: FREE
Lip balm:  $0.50 each

Dish Soap: $0.35
Band aids: $0.50 per box
Sandwich Bags: $0.50 per box
Cheap Toilet Paper: FREE
Quality Toilet Paper: $5.00/9 dbl roll
Cheap Paper Towels: FREE
Quality Paper Towels:  $0.75 per roll
(I'm picky when it comes to TP... blue Charmin ONLY ha)
Lysol Wipes: $0.50 or less
Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaners: $0.50 each
Laundry Detergent (Tide, Gain, etc.) $0.10 per load
Laundry Detergent (store brand, purex, etc.) $0.05 per load

What are some other things that you stock up on?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this I'm new to couponing and I'm always wondering if it's a good deal.


The Moeller's said...

AWESOME - thank you!


momsthriftydeals said...

Hey, Andrea great post. I put up a link to this page up - I love that you did this. Such a popular question.