Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NEW CELLFIRE COUPONS Available for loading!

Coupons are available on Cellfire for King Soopers/City Market (Kroger also) and Safeway starting Tuesday 01/12/10 can be saved until Monday 01/25/10 and expire Monday 02/08/10. Please note that these coupons will be available for ShopRite shoppers on Cellfire starting Sunday 01/17/10 and can be saved/expire on 01/30/10.

King Soopers / City Market / Krogers Only
Save $0.50/1 Old El Paso product
Scotch Fur Fighter Save $4.00/1 (ALSO AVAILABLE AT SHOPRITE)
Save $4/1 on a Scotch(tm) Fur Fighter(tm) Hair Remover Starter Kit.
PurinaWet Cat Food Save $1.00/1
Save $1.00/6 cans of Purina® brand Wet Cat Food, any size, any variety.

Safeway Only
Purina Wet Cat Food Save $1.00/6 cans or pouches any size or variety.

Available at Kroger, Safeway and ShopRite
BC Frosting Save $.050/1 Tub any flavor/variety Betty Crocker Frosting
BC Fruit Snacks Save $0.50/2 BOXES Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
BC Warm Delights Save $0.50/1
Chex Mix Save $0.50/1 4.5 oz larger or 100 calorie snack
Fiber One Muffin Mix Save $0.50/1
Fiber One Chewy Bar Save $0.40/1
Green Giant  vege's Save $0.50/2 any variety Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables
Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken Helper Save $0.75/3 any flavor
Lucky Charms cereal Save $0.55/1
Multigrain Cheerios Save $0.55/1
Nature Valley Granola Bars Save $0.40/1
Nature Valley Granola Nut Clustrs Save $1.00/1
Pillsburty Frozen Grands! Save $0.75/2
Pillsbury Holiday Cookies Save $0.75/2  Refrigerated Holiday Cookies
Pillsbury Italian Meal Bread Save $1.00/2
Pillsbury Savorings Save $1.00/2 any flavor/variety
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Save $1.00/2 
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Save $0.55/2
Progresso Soups Save $0.50/2
Yoplait Cups Save $0.50/6 any variety

Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt Save $1.00/1
Hot/Lean Pockets Save $0.55/1 
Toll House Dough Save $0.55/1 any variety
Toll House Morsels Save $0.50/1 any variety
Purina Wet Dog Food Save $0.50/3  cans or pouches any variety
TIDY CATS Litter Save $1.00/1 any size or variety 
Any Biore Save $1.00/1 products.
Any Curel Save $1.00/1, 13oz or larger.
Jergens Lotions Save $1.00/1  any full size Jergens (excluding Jergens Natural Glow).
Root Awakening Save $2.00/1 product, 6 oz - 8.45 oz
Select BAN Items Save $0.75/1 on Ban solids and roll-ons

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