Monday, February 08, 2010

Learn how to save 30%-90% off your grocery bill in 2010!

Wanna learn how to save 30%-90% off your grocery bill?
I'll give you a BIG hint... COUPONS!

How to get started couponing

Another great place to start

Store Policies for Coupons

Learn the Lingo

Stockpile Prices

What do you mean stockpile?

Pictures of my stockpile

I'm ready to start

Readers questions and answers here and here

Earn FREE gift cards

Earn money on online purchases... including eBay!

If, you need extra coupons you can buy some here or here or here

Print coupons free here or here

2010 Coupon Schedule


Mommy Kennedy said...

Great synopsis! Stopping by through EC!

Maylin said...

Nice work Andrea, don't forget to mention for another great buying website. I find your BLOG one of the best and most informative, and your doing a nice job at expanding it.

Andrea said...

Thank you Maylin so much for everything you do! I love your comments, your deals and your love for others! Also thanks for the reminder about couponclippingcrew (I will update the link).


momsthriftydeals said...

Awesome post! I love the shelves your dad built.