Sunday, January 17, 2010


How many of you have FREE toothbrushes, FREE powdered formula (samples are great too), FREE Johnson & Johnson Buddies, FREE Shampoos, Etc.... Most of us who have been coupon for any amount of time has tons of FREEBIES lying around.  Lets put all of those freebies to good work.

Gods Littlest Angels is a Haitian orphanage in need of powdered formula, diapers, baby wipes, baby cereal, infant tylenol, infant and childrens vitamins, and baby care items such as lotion, powder, baby shampoo. They are also wanting items to assist the surrounding community with clothing, medical supplies, household items, hygiene items such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, blankets and towels.

Come on ALL COUPONERS let's put all those FREEBIES to work!  I challenge EACH of you to send "something"... "anything" within the next 72 hours.  I'm getting together a box to send myself so I can ship it first thing Tuesday morning!

Donations should be sent to:

God’s Littlest Angels

2085 Crystal River Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

I would love to see pictures or comments of what you're sending!  God's Littlest Angels was featured on NBC Today the day the earthquake.

For more information you can go here or here to learn about God's Littlest Angels.  I LOVE this non profit and they are based only 30 minutes from my house... God is GOOD!!!


Gifts For One Gifts For All said...

Thanks for doing your part to help Haitian earthquake victims by taking time to link up with other blogs. I want to provide an incentive for your readers to answer your challenge.

In addition to making donations, I'm giving $10 eCOUPONs to my online gift store Gifts For One Gifts For All ( to those that have donated to organizations helping the Haitian earthquake victims or will ship much needed supplies to God's Little Angels. When the eCOUPON is redeemed, 10% of the purchase will also be donated to organizations helping Haiti. Read my blog for more details at http:/ on how you can receive your eCOUPON for donating.

For bloggers raising awareness or making donations for comments or links made and you want to thank those that have contributed to your blog, contact me at to a eCOUPON you can give those that have help you give.

Don't forget to contact me to receive your eCOUPON for doing your part to help Haitian earthquake victims.

Anonymous said...

I can send bandaids (free), lotion (free) and soap buddies (free). Thanks for letting us know about this.

April M.