Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I thought it would be kinda fun to show you my stockpile. I was gonna take pictures of my overflowing freezer too, but it's a mess so not today lol! Btw these are new shelves too, my dad (thank you) built them for me for Christmas. I was using odds and ends, now I have shelves that match yippee!!! He's also building me an exact match for the other wall for my birthday (Dec 27). Woohoo I can't wait!

What do you mean Stockpile?

See all the Joint Juice? I made money on those!

Cereal my goal is $0.50 per box, but I will pay up to $1.00 each. Some of these boxes were even FREE!

FREE Snuggle Dryer Sheets

I paid $0.30 each for all the batteries you see!

All the Johnson & Johnson Soap Buddies were FREE!

Tons odds & ends!
FREE Playtex Gloves here was the deal

FREE Bounce Bars here was the deal
All Detergent $0.99 each
Candles FREE
Dial Soap FREE

I paid no more then 25% of the retail price for all the items shown and a lot of them I got for FREE!


couponchick said...

Wow! These are amazing and inspiring pictures! Thanks for sharing. By the way, I love the new layout and new name.

Andrea said...


Thank you so much! I've said it before, but it was really hard to change my name, but the new name & brand is me to a "T", so for that I love it! Thanks for comment I really appreciate it! Blessings & Have a wonderful Christmas!


Frugal Burb Chick said...

Love your pantry!! Mine is a mess!! I have my family in town and they keep making fun of me and my "store"! I was SO excited today b/c I stocked up on the Snuggles fabric softeners. You'll have to give me a head's up when the "Finish" dishwasher tablets go super cheap again. I'm almost out!

Andrea said...

Too bad you're not closer I could afford to spare a few Finish Tabs. I think I bought enough for 2 years lol. I purchased them during the Safeway catalina deal, so I kept rollin' them and rollin' and rollin' lol If, we ever meet for lunch I'll bring your a goody bag :)

Hippie4ever said...

That is truly fantastic! Congratulations

Andrea said...

Hippee4ever thanks for the sweet comment. Andrea

MamaOnABudget said...

That's a lot like what ours looked like 3 months before moving. It was so hard to use up and not replace, especially when good sales came up. I'm looking forward to getting started on stocking up again, and grateful to have found you and some other "local" bloggers for help!