Monday, December 28, 2009

Chinet Plates & Cups FREE - $2.00 for 8 packages!

Last minute Chinet Plate Deal
(sale could end today because we have new ads coming out for tomorrow)!

At Safeway the chinet plates are 2/$5.00. On the plates you will find peelies for free cups wyb the plates. The cups are 2/$6, but if you buy 3 or more they are $1.99 each. The coupon will be credited for $3.00 each. There are also blinkies for $1.00/1 for the plates too in front of them.

Last night I purchased 4 cups & 4 plates and paid $2.00 plus tax. The deal can get even sweeter because right now if you still have your ad (I didn't) there is a in store coupon on the plates for $2.00 each limit of 4 wyb $20.00. So if you still have your ad, you could get free plates & free cups. You will need to buy an additional $4.04 to get the discount.

4 Chinet plates
4 Chinet crystal cups

4 blinkie coupons $1.00/1 for the plate
4 peelie coupons for free cups $3.00 value
1 safeway coupon for Chinet $2.00 plate limit 4 (if you still have your ad).
Thanks reader Maylin for this great deal!!!!


Frugal Burb Chick said...

OOOOHHH!! I may have to run out and do this! Don't your stores have extra ads on hand? Ours usually do!

Andrea said...

They use to, but for the last month or so they just have a short ad, without coupons :( I asked too, but they couldn't find one. Oh well I still got a great deal! :)