Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursdays - Thank you Jesus!

Often life gets so busy and I forget to actually stop and be thankful for the amazing life God has blessed me with. Thanks to Saving Sherry today I can stop and pause for a moment and say "thanks". I am thankful that even when I am busy and don't spend my quite time with God, He is faithful. For the past month I haven't stopped. I wake up before the sun comes out and I'm not in bed before 11:00 pm with every minute spoken for. I normally like to read my Bible everyday, but somehow I even have been putting that off. But through everything He is still there. Providing for my every need, keeping my family healthly and blessing us in abundance! Thank you Jesus!

I'm also thankful for everyone of my faithful readers, without you this blog would mean nothing!

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