Thursday, July 01, 2010

How to sell on Craigslist


Craigslist is a simple way to sell items locally. If you've never sold an item on Craigslist before, don't worry! Their non-flashy site is user friendly and FREE!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select your state then choose the city or region that is "closest" to you. If, you're not in the US, choose a country under the "countries" heading and select a city, if the city option is given to you.

Step 3: Choose the "for sale" option under the "What type of posting is this" heading. Choose which category your item falls under and select the appropriate category under the "Please choose a category" heading.

Step 4: Type the title of your ad under "Posting Title." FYI the title is what viewers will see when browsing ads, so make sure it is descriptive and eye-catching!!!

Step 5: Enter the location of your item.

Step 6: Write your description in the posting description. Be sure to put as much information as possible about the item you are selling.... and always be honest!!!

Step 7: Put your email address into the two text boxes abeled "Your Email address" and "Type email address again."

Step 8: Indicate how you would allow potential buyers to email you through Craigslist's anonymous email feature or have people contact you otherwise.

Step 9: Add pictures to your post by clicking on the "Add/Edit Images" button and using the browse button to find images on your computer to upload. Tip: Always add pictures!!!

Step 10: Set your permissions and click "Continue." Double check your ad to make sure it's accurate (no spelling errors, etc.), type in the verification word, and then click "Continue." Read the Terms of Use and either accept or decline by pressing the corresponding button.

Your done!!!!

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Olivia said...

Thanks I've always thought about selling my furniture on Craigslist, just didn't know how.

Love your blog