Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Free Coupon Lesson #3 - Pueblo Penny Pincher

Lesson #3

Two statements I get ALL THE TIME...

“it’s cheaper for me to buy generic then to use coupons”
I have said many times before, but I remember the days I thought I had to shop at Walmart because their prices were the lowest, but then I started clippin’ coupons!
The “secret” to couponing is matching coupons to store sales and promotions/rebates/etc.
For example, if you were to go to Walmart or Super Target and buy a 4 pack of Yoplait yogurt you would pay $2.00 (groceries stores on non-sale days would be higher), but lets say Safeway is having a sale this week for $1.50 each and I have a $0.50 coupon which at Safeway they double coupons so now my $0.50 coupon is worth a $1.00. So instead of paying $2.00 at Walmart, you have paid $1.00 at Safeway... pretty sweet deal huh!

“there is never coupons for items I buy”
I love this question because it’s funny... I always ask when someone says that. Do you brush your teeth or wash your hair? Sure sometimes you can't be picky about what brand your spaghetti sauce is, but who cares when you can buy 3 jars for the price of one! I do have a couple of favorites that I’m willing to pay more for, but I still look for them when they are on sale (fyi Charmin Blue Package t.p. lol and Captain Crunch cereal ha).


Heather said...

Oh you know my favorite. "I just don't have time to use coupons." Um hello how many hours do you spend in front of the tv or computer? Hello? And don't you already make a list and go to the store? LOL

andrea said...

I totally agree! I have to wonder when people say they can't feed their family of four for less than $200 a week (yes, I have heard this). I feed my family of 8 for $100/week but we could probably manage even less. You do have to be willing to stockpile, though.