Friday, October 16, 2009

Learn how to make money at home - while working full-time!

I'm a full-time employee and away from my family (DH and 2 kids) for 55 hours per week. So if anyone can relate to not having anytime to earn extra money... I can!!! I quickly have adjusted to less sleep and long days, but my pocketbook is in a lot better place now days and yours can be too.

Here's how my "extra money" has looked like this month.

eBay = $1347.12 (profit $701.73)
Amazon = $209.10 (profit $111.35)
Affiliate Programs = $336.12 (Logical Media, Mysavings, Google Ad Words)
Rebates = $10.00 (Fuel for School)
Craigs List = $34.00
Total for October = $1193.20

If, anyone has questions with how to earn income online and would like FREE help. That's what I'm here for. Ask anything relating to the above catagories (especially ebay).


Frugal Burb Chick said...

what are you selling on ebay and amazon? Toys? WOW!! I have NO clue how you work and list all that stuff!! I can barely keep my ebay store stocked and I stay at home LOL!! you are amazing!

Budget Bella said...

Ok I need to know! Especially Ebay and amazon .. plus my logical and media account look nothing like this!! How? How? I need a mentor.

Kristen said...

Wow! That is awesome. I would like to know what you are selling on ebay and amazon as well!

Andrea said...

You name it I sell. I don't have a single item that I sell you wouldn't find in your household (from lipstick to tools). No secrets here, just a ton of research.

-Jeanna email me at pennypincher77 at live dot come I wanna talk about your store too.

Here's a few tips

Most of my sells come from Ebay, but that's where I focus. Amazon on the other hand charges NOTHING until you sell something. So you might want to consider that route if you are wanting to save $$$. The only thing about Amazon is unless you upgrade to business account $40/ month. You can only sell things that is in their inventory such as dvd, books, groceries... :) and only 40 items per month.

Go shopping at garage sales and second hand stores and look for ONLY name brand things like Nike (Jordan is the best when it comes to Nike), kids coats, cashmere (anything), pampered chef, etc.

Here's a website I go to every day and look for items that I can buy for cheap. Everything is at $1 or less (shipping not included). Usually it's from a seller using wrong key words in their title. Such as sml instead of small, using words like look, cool, wow.... don't ever use those.

I also use this site to help find out what people are searching for and by what key words they are using. It's completely free and no don't log in.

After you go that site under where it says in bold "you create your ads", click where it says get key words ideas. Once your there put in items you are thinking about selling such as dvds, disney, ipod, etc. (you will type your keywords where it reads "Enter one keyword or phrase per line". Now it will take you to your results in RANDOM order. So to filter look for where it reads "choose colums to display", click on the tab that reads "show local search volume" now you have a detail of how and where the big number on the previous page were found?

Well, there is a couple tips! Want more tips?

Andrea said...

Kristen sorry feel free to email me with questions too! pennypincher77 at live dot com. Jenna & I are from the NW too (noticed on your profile you lived in OR).


Andrea said...

Thanks for the email Megan the place on ebay that I find $1 items is Single Bid Auctions.

Also I have emails from a lot of you asking questions. I promise I will get to them all today, if it kills me (or cuts into my shopping time lol). I will answer them!

If, you would like to ask me a question in private email me at pennypincher77 at live dot com

queenbeaz said...

Thanks for the info! I don't quite understand how the logical media and mysavings work? Any info would be appreciated! TIA

Andrea said...


I would love to help you get set up (if you are not already) and start earning. Do you have an email address, I can email you at? Or you can email me at rhinestoneshopping at hotmail dot com

George said...

Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often. George from how to make money at home.

Yoli said...

That is awesome on the amount of money made!I just joined Logical Media. Hopefully it works on my blog.