Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to organize your coupons - great for NEW COUPONERS'

If, you are new to the coupon world. This system will help you learn how to keep all your coupons straight so you never miss a deal. You won't waste time clipping coupons you will never use, you won't have stuff large coupons into small little holders that don't fit, you can see what coupon are available for an item you are needing or to match with weekly store ads. It also saves you tons of time from looking online for coupon availability. If, I had anything negative to say about this system it is once in awhile I don't receive a coupon that other regions receive or vs. versa, but that's very rare. At this time there is over 1000 coupons available to you for FREE (via pdf file). I update this list every week by Saturday.

Click here to get a copy for your own personal use

1. Get your Sunday paper and grab the coupon inserts!

2. Get a Sharpie and write the date of the insert

(your insert should look like this)

3. Next you will need to create a filing system and on each tab write the date of the insert and the source (SS, P&G, RP)

Note: You can use plain folders or envelopes to do this part too (it's up to you).

4. Look through the grocery ads found in your local newspaper

(usually on Sunday or Wednesday) for items that you need or want and circle.

5. Look through your list of coupons available (sorted by alphabetical order) and see if there is a coupon available. If, there is find the date and source. Grab the insert from your file and clip!

6. File into the store that you will be using your coupon at and your done!!!

(set up this file by store name)

Note: you can purchase these at Walmart for a couple bucks (this one shown is the smallest one available).


Heather said...

Cool idea!

Andrea said...

Thanks it really does work great... I love it! I'm still amazed that I thought of it lol

mommyhastowork said...

Thanks, that's a great idea. (Only, would I need to print out a new 27 page list every week?) I thought I might just come back and check it on line.

I was just talking to my husband about not being able to find the coupons I need when I want them, now I can find them!!

Andrea said...

That's what I do too! I go and look at the list on my computer. Once in a while I actually print it, but very rarely. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment :)