Thursday, July 02, 2009

WeightWatchers Food Coupons

I'm a big WeightWatchers fan! It's the only diet I have ever done that actually works for me! So I thought I'd some coupons and WeightWatcher friendly favorites with my readers!

1 pt WeightWatchers yogurt $.55/3 coupon (can be doubled) click here

0 pts Frank's RedHot Wings Sauce in Sweet Heat BBQ - If you love hot sauce and BBQ sauce you will love this stuff! Use the SS 5/17 coupon $1.00/1

1 pt Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding Snacks Use the SS coupon $0.60/1

4 pts Bagel-Fuls click here for $1 coupon

2 pts McDonald's McCafe Latte w/ FF milk & sugar free vanilla

1 pt Del Monte Fruit Chillers Frozen Fruit Sorbet Freeze & Eat Tubes click here for $1 coupon.

0 pts Sun Crystals (only 5 calories per pack) click here for $1.50 coupon and a Free sample.

0 pts Slenda W/ Fiber click here for a free sample

3 pts 1/6 of the Pillsbury Pizza Crust (classic) you can do a ton with this stuff... let your mind run wild and use the SS $.40 coupon from 4/5

2 pts Hebrew hot dogs (green package) click here for $1 coupon

Weight Watchers Momentum Program

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