Thursday, June 11, 2009

What do you mean stockpile?

Have you ever worked 8 hours at the office, rushed to get home? Only to discover you have nothing you can fix for dinner. Or how about you get the kids ready for the special event you're going to. Finally it's your turn you jump in the shower and realize you're out of conditioner. We've all had similar stories, but the good news is this can be just a memory.
Stockpiling simply means stocking up on one item while it's at rock bottom prices. From conditioner to pasta. Basically anything besides dairy & fresh produce (those I buy on a weekly bases). When a item hits rock bottom (65% - FREE). I buy as many as I have coupons for and often times I purchase more coupons from DeDe Coupons or on eBay. Well, at least as many my family will eat by the time it expires. For example right now at Safeway because of their mix & match sale and my coupons I was able to buy Poptarts for $.49 each, so I bought 10. They don't expire until August 2010. I know my nephew and Michael will eat all of them way before they expire.
I like to say "would you rather spend $1 for box of cereal when you still have some or $3.50 for box when you don't"? It's simple stock up when you don't need it, so you will have it when you do!

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