Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My first $5 donation deal!

I love DeDe Coupons she is great! Lightning fast service and very affordable. I bought 10 Suave coupons .75/1 for .80 and 10 Kraft coupons 1.50/1 for 1.00. So I paid less then 2.00 for all of them.
What I did for my first $5 donation deal. I purchased 10 bottles of salad dressing $.80 (Walmart sells them for $1.58 each - $1.50= .08 each). Target had Suave on sale for $.88 last week so I purchased 10 of those $1.30 and also bought one jar of peanut butter at Safeway after store coupon and mfg it cost me a whooping $.40. So that comes to $4.50 after I paid tax on the Suave and shipping on the coupons it cost me $5.08!

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