Friday, June 26, 2009

Albertson's Shopping Trip Part 1 of 2

(the picture isn't the best I took it with my phone)
Albertson's Shopping Trip
(not bad - not great, but I'm happy)
2- boxes of Captain Crunch
(I paid $1.50 each which I NEVER pay that much for cereal, but I decided to splurge for Mike...your welcome honey).
6- packages of Knorr Pasta Sides
2- French's Mustard's
1- Blue Diamond Almonds can
8- packages of Kool Aid
1- Grape Propel (not pictured drank it before I took picture lol)
1- Pillsbury Bread sticks
1- Pillsbury Pizza Crust
1- Pillsbury French Bread
2- Pillsbury Rolls
1- Jello Pudding
3- Gerber Ravioli's
10- Beechnut Baby Foods
2- Gerber Fruit Snacks
Savings Summary
Great Deal Savings $26.65
Promotional Savings $10.00
MFG Coupons $12.65
Total OOP= $20.79

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